Lollapalooza Films is a production company for filmmakers Jemma van Loenen and Phillip Northwood.

We make fresh and dynamic stories with quality production values.
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Bam Bam Completed and World Premiere Announced

Very proud to announce that our long awaited documentary Bam Bam is finally complete and it will have it’s World Premiere at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival on 14th July 2018.

Picture Lock on our documentary Bam Bam

After months of editing with our Editor Mehdi Vieville and Story Producer Melanie Killingsworth we are super excited to have a picture lock on our documentary Bam Bam! We could

Falling Accepted to 7th LDUB Film Festival, FL, USA

We are so proud to announce that our short film Falling has been accepted for screening at the 7th LDUB Film Festival in Florida, USA. We love this little festival, it has

Rough Cut on Documentary Bam Bam

We are very excited to announce that our documentary, Bam Bam, has got to the rough cut stage of the picture edit. It’s been a very long but rewarding process