Lollapalooza Films is a production company for filmmakers Jemma van Loenen and Phillip Northwood.

We make fresh and dynamic stories with quality production values.
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European Premiere for our Documentary Bam Bam & an Award for Excellence

We could not be more excited to announce that we have our European Premiere for Bam Bam at the Scandinavian International Film Festival which will be held in Helsinki, Finland,

Bam Bam’s International Premiere

Our documentary Bam Bam will have it’s International Premiere at the 10th Lady Filmmakers Film Festival in Beverly Hills, USA. The festival takes place from 27th – 30th September 2018

As featured on ABC’s Tonightly with Tom Ballard

Our debut feature documentary Bam Bam was featured on ABC’s Tonightly on 18th July 2018. The interview with Bianca Elmir covered her life boxing, the documentary and the struggles of

Bam Bam Selected for Lebanese Film Festival

Super excited to announce that Bam Bam has been selected as part of the official line up of the Lebanese Film Festival in Sydney. The festival runs from August 16th