Little Bird

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After a grog fuelled night in a stolen car, 16 year old Jesse faces a crossroads when his best mate Jamie is arrested. Will he let Jamie take the rap, or man up and take responsibility?
Featuring: Michael Morgan, Rupa Poria & Cecily Hearn
Sound Design: by Keith E. Bottomley
Editor: Kim Fuhrmann
Director of Photography: Simon Walsh
Screenplay: Jemma van Loenen
Producer: Jarrod W. Riley
Executive Producer: Phill Northwood
Director: Jemma van Loenen
Screenings & Awards
RMIT Student Film Festival 2010 – Best Drama & People's Choice Awards
Made in Melbourne Film Festival 2010
Melbourne International Student Film Festival 2010
Electric Shorts 2010
This Is Not a Film Festival 2010
Comfortable Shorts 2010
Campfire Film Festival 2012