Raymond Taylor’s Earnest Adventure in Love

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Raymond always follows the letter of the law. He is particular, has a routine, a way of being that he is comfortable with, until he meets Sylvie. Sylvie launches herself into life – chaotic, indulgent and strangely appealing. And so Raymond learns the laws of love – that delicious dance of human connection.
Featuring Benedict Kazlauskas, Sally McLean, Sarah Hallam, Billy Smedley and Laura-Jane Emes
Hair & Make-Up by Philippa-Jai Hermann
Production Design Anne O'Hoy
Original Music by William Cooper
Featuring Music by Lily & King, and Skipping Girl Vinegar
Sound Design Keith E. Bottomley
Editor John Erasmus; Director of Photography Liza Murray
Screenplay by Jemma van Loenen
Produced by Phill Northwood
Directed by Jemma van Loenen
Screenings & Awards
Holly Shorts Monthly Screening, USA, February 2015